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McMahon Legal is a member of IntertradeIreland’s Brexit advisory panel. We advise clients across all sectors on the risks and opportunities that arise from Brexit for businesses. We have prepared detailed Brexit planning and implementation reports for a range of clients in the manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce and services sectors.

We give our clients a practical and comprehensive insight into, and solution to, the customs, trading, corporate, taxation, contractual and regulatory issues that arise for their particular business in planning for Brexit. We consider all aspects of their business, logistical arrangements and processes and provide, and where required, implement, a solution to deal with risks and take and opportunities that may arise.

Paul McMahon has practised tax, trade and commercial law as an Irish Solicitor and Tax Advisor and as an England and Wales Solicitor (from Ireland) for many years. He has written extensively on almost all relevant areas of Irish and UK law that relate to trade.

Paul has a well-developed insight into the interaction of Irish, UK and EU laws which enables him to understand the effect and implications of the Brexit disentanglement process. He brings a broad cross-sectoral, cross-jurisdiction knowledge and experience to bear on the risks facing particular businesses and sectors.

Paul has written Irish Legal Guide’s extensive and practical explanation of Irish laws in the areas of trade, the sale of good, the supply of services, international trade issues, customs, regulatory controls, trade finance and taxation. Paul has also written extensively on the equivalent law and practice in the United Kingdom ( He has advised and written extensively on all aspects of European Union law.

Paul has written and compiled  which contains over 920 articles which deal in detail with the numerous legal aspects of Brexit.  It explains the key customs, trade and regulatory rules relevant to Brexit.