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Bringing Value

We seek both to add value and to give value for money. We usually offer an initial exploratory consultation at no cost, to allow prospective clients to assess the potential value of our services.

We bring considerable value to our client’s business and personal interests. Experience shows that the value of good legal advice and service is incalculable. Legal insight combined with sound commercial and practical experience frequently makes all the difference, whether in disputes transactions or important business decisions.

Modern legal practice has sought to create numerous specialisations, so that many routine legal transactions, issues and problems seem to require an extravagant team of lawyers. The result, perversely, is that commonly the most important issues and matters are dealt with and determined by relatively inexperienced lawyers.

We believe the use of multiple personnel causes the loss of overall perspective as well as multiplying costs exponentially. We have found time and again that the ability to appreciate what is critical is the key to the best outcome.

Value for Money

Good advice and great service does not not justify extravagant charges. Our fees are fair, reasonable and transparent. We do not charge our clients for researching and understanding matters which are already in our expertise and experience.

Our initial exploratory consultation is usually free.We agree the total fee at the outset of any engagement where possible. Where there are genuine reasons why work may be of uncertain scope, we set out our best estimates estimates based on experience. If the time or resources employed are less than budgeted, we reduce our fees appropriately.

Efficient and Responsive

We use a minimum paper office, implemented by a state of the art case management system, designed by a leading Irish legal software firm, which is a trusted partner of Microsoft. The system is integrated into Microsoft’s secure business cloud environment. All data is held in Ireland and enjoys best practice security measures.

We are flexible in fitting with our client’s preferences for meetings and communications. We often meet via  Skype, through Skype for Business, Microsoft’s secure system for online meetings. We also use other systems such as Google Hangout, Google’s system for online meetings.

We meet clients in person at our offices at 57 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3. We can also arrange to meet in the Port Tunnel Business and Technology Park Clonshaugh Dublin 17 ( close to the M1 / M50 junction) or in  Plato Business Park, Damastown, Dublin 15.

All data is available to us remotely and securely so that  we can often meet clients at their own premises or another convenient location.